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As one of the fastest growing event companies in Orlando, can offer quite a “bang for your buck” when it pertains to advertising. Here are some of the most valuable advertising packages we have to offer below. In addition, as a growing company, we like to grow with our partners and are open to new ideas as we collaborate on event projects and advertising campaigns.

Advertising options include banner images, right on rail advertising, video marketing, testimonial videos, written articles, graphic design, website development, and more:

  • Leaderboard(730×90), Right on Rail(300×250)

Leaderboard Example

  • 1 on 1 interviews with digital video marketing.

Are you a restaurant or business that has participated in one of our events within the calendar year?

  • We offer 1 on 1 interviews with digital video marketing attached for FREE.
  • Along with video marketing we have an content administrator that will write a piece about your business to go along with the digital video. Again for free if you have come to one of our events within the past year.
  • Everything else is 50% off if you have partnered with us within a 12 month period.

Our Concept “We do business with those who do business with us”.

Since publishing our new “mobile friendly” website in early April, we have had nearly 5,000 views. For a rolling 12 month period, that is 50,000+ views per year. ¬†Our growth rate for online web traffic is expected to double every year. No gimmicks. No frills. We will keep this updated every quarter to keep in good standing with the transparent standard we have set for Winter Park Events.

Google Dashboard


Leaderboard Ad – $15/1000 impressions

Right on Rail (above the fold) – $10/1000

Right on Rail (below the fold) – $7

Graphic Design, Digital Video Marketing, etc., prices vary based on hours, location, amount of revisions.



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