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Kentucky Derby Fashion

Kentucky Derby Fashion

For those of us who can’t make the actual Kentucky Derby, we can at least have the fanciest of Spring time festivals – Derby on Park! By fancy, we mean you still have to show off your strut with your big hats, fancy get-ups, and it has to be done as if we were at the actual Kentucky Derby!

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The hats…. the hats are always a make or break it for the fashion contest. For some reason the ladies that have the most creative and thought out designs usually win! You can’t go wrong with sticking a “Haute Feather” in there either! Look at some of these fancy peacock feathers…

Derby outfit1

derby 2

Derby 3









While the men are graded hard on their attire, they do have a couple fantastic local Winter Park options to choose from whether they are looking for the more sophisticated, refined John Craig Clothier look or the contemporary mens fashion choices that “Current” shows

John Craig

jOhn 2








Current 2 Current 1










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Commitment to Community

Two and a half years ago was a blink of an eye for Winter Park Annual’s events. It is kind of funny looking back on things–we never started out to become an event company. We started our company to try to fund a mobile app for events to be found across the nation. What can we say?…We fell in love with the city!

In two and a half years we have managed to bring over 5,000 new visitors to the Winter Park Area, which has helped several Winter Park businesses not only on Park Ave, but our reach has actually extended all the way out to N. Orlando Ave. Merchants partners of ours like “Carmel Kitchen” reaching high levels of success from events like the Orlando Chowder Festival being 1 block away at the Winter Park Civic Center.

BRI_8664 2 IMG_5908

We want to do more for the Winter Park community and encourage local small business owners to share their events with us! Use our “Contact Page” to let us know about your organization, your event, etc. We would be more than happy to add your event to our “Things To Do” page. We love assisting not for profit companies; in face, 3 out of 4 events in the Winter Park area have a charity attached to them.

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