Warm Up for the Wine & Dine with Bach & Beer

I don’t know about you guys, but the Winter Park Events headquarters is buzzing – we are so excited about the Winter Park Wine & Dine on March 22. It is going to be an awesome evening of food and networking – and of course wine! In the meantime, we have to find other events around the area to hold us over until then, and Bach & Beer is one of those events in Winter Park.

It may come as old news to you WPE veterans out there, but here at WPE, we are huge fans of the Bach Festival Society. Anything that gets people out of their homes and comfort zones and into a spot where they can enjoy good energy, music and good company is fine by us. What a unique cultural feature Winter Park and the City Beautiful have in this Society and the talent it brings to our city!

It may also serve as no surprise to you all that we are huge fans of beer. We’re talking the good stuff – real craft beer, the more locally brewed, the better (and you thought we were just wine people!)

Cask & Larder/Bach Festival Society Presents: Bach & Beer

On Saturday, February 18, former Winter Park Restaurant-turned-brewery Cask & Larder is partnering with the Bach Festival Society to celebrate the release of their new, limited-edition Brandenburger Bock – brewed especially to celebrate the 82nd annual Bach Festival in Winter Park.

Held at sister restaurant The Ravenous Pig, which is newly located off of Fairbanks in the old Cask & Larder location, the event will feature the 2017 Brandenburger Bock along with creations from other breweries that are inspired by the taste of Johann Sebastian Bach himself.

For those of you who aren’t big fans of German-inspired beer, Bach & Beer will have no shortage of good food, good music and good company. What a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?


Cask & Larder Brewery/Ravenous Pig

565 W. Fairbanks Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789

12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Admission to the event itself is FREE, but Brandenburger Bock will be available for purchase on draft or conveniently-packed in to-go crowders. Don’t miss out – this beer is limited-edition; once the last drop is guzzled, it may be gone forever.

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