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Danny Beer School

Meet Danny! Wait…Who’s Danny? He’s only one of the neatest employees you could possibly have on your staff at Whole Foods Market Winter Park. Actually all of their employees are pretty impressive now that I come to think of it. Back to Danny though for a minute. Over the past few years, he has grown with the company and has found his niche in the love of specifically craft beer, and cheeses. Thats right I said it…cheeses! He’s actually about to become a Certified Cheese Professional.

Whole Foods Market Winter Park has created something new called “Beer School“, which is an afternoon of learning about the culture of craft beer and cheeses. There is always 1 vendor that showcases their brand of cheeses, and then a couple different brands of beer to match and pair up with. This month coming up on Sunday July 12th at 1:00 PM, Beer School will feature Belgian Beers. You can visit the Whole Foods Market Winter Park Facebook page for more info.

cheese 1

cheese 2

Whole Foods Market Winter Park will also be participating in this year’s Winter Park Wine & Dine, which features over 25+ food & beverage merchants. Whole Foods has a fantastic line up of wines & craft beers along with delicious cheeses to pair with them both. We are so excited to have them attend, and we are also looking forward to attending this upcoming Beer School.

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